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When all this began at Hofstra University in September 2006, we did not have an official team name (let alone a logo). Our game schedule was posted on the wall at the Hofstra Recreation Center and we were listed simply as "Max's Team". On October 28th, 2006 - legendary Boston Celtics head coach, Arnold "Red" Auerbach passed away. This inspired our first team name and logo - Max's Auerbachers. This is the nickname our team used in the Hofstra Intramural 5v5 Basketball League and during the summer of 2009 at the 92nd Street Y. Max's Auerbachers compiled a 26-8 (.765) record, played in three finals and won two championships. In the fall of 2008, Hofstra Club Basketball began operations and our treasurer/assistant manager, the late Lisa Marzullo, created our logo. Eventually, Max's All Stars became our official team name in 2011 and since then we have had a few different logo designs.

Logo History

Original Max's Auerbachers Logo (2006-2009)

(2006-2009) - This logo was created shortly after Red Auerbach passed away. He has been an inspiration for our team from day one and that still holds true all these years later. The green color was nod to Red's team, the Boston Celtics. If you look closely, you'll see a number 2 in the shamrock between the words "Max's Team" - that's the number the Celtics retired for Red. Coach Auerbach is smoking a victory cigar in the letter 'S' at the end of the logo.

Hofstra Club Basketball Logo (designed by Lisa Marzullo)

(2008-2012) - When Hofstra Club Basketball started in the fall of 2008, the cupboard was bare. We had no uniforms, no place to play and certainly no logo. Our treasurer/assistant manager, the late Lisa Marzullo, designed this logo in an effort to make our team legitimate. It worked! Shortly after this logo was introduced, we setup an official team Facebook page, finally got some uniforms and even scheduled two home games at the Hofstra Recreation Center.

First Max's All Stars Logo (2011)

(2011) - Our team officially made the transition from Max's Auerbachers/Hofstra Club Basketball to Max's All Stars in January 2011. This was the first logo we used with our new name. Even though the use of this design was short-lived, we achieved some significant milestones with it. Max's All Stars won the Spring 2011 McBurney YMCA Adult Basketball League Championship and many players who would become cornerstones of our team joined the roster during this time.

(2011-2016) - This Max's All Stars logo design was inspired by the 2011 Dallas Mavericks championship run. The Mavs wore t-shirts featuring their logo atop the Larry O'Brien trophy that said "The Time Is Now" en route to their first NBA championship in team history. Our team wanted the same type of confidence, so we printed t-shirts with the Max's All Stars logo atop the Larry O'Brien trophy and adopted this design as our primary logo. Three different color versions of this t-shirt were used from 2011-2016. During this time we went 123-59 (.675), reached 12 finals and won six championships. Additionally, our women's team also won a championship (2013) and we established our youth basketball program (2015).

Official Max's All Stars TBT Logo (2015)

(2015) - Each team that participates in The Basketball Tournament (TBT) gets a unique logo designed for them along with full customized uniforms as well. When Max's All Stars qualified for TBT in 2015, this was the logo that they designed for us. Like our previous design, this one features a basketball trophy - emphasizing Max's All Stars championship aspirations.

(2017-2022) - This version of Max's All Stars primary logo was inspired by our city's NBA franchise - the New York Knicks. There have been many alternate versions and colorways of this design over the years - each one corresponding to a special event. During the five years this primary logo was in use, Max's All Stars put together an overall record of 49-9 (.845) and won five championships. Additionally, during this time we also established the Max's All Stars Hall of Fame.

(2021) - Max's All Stars created two special edition logos in 2021. The first one was inspired by the 1992 Team USA Basketball Logo (aka "The Original Dream Team"). The second logo was inspired by the 2021 NBA Champion, Milwaukee Bucks, and was created as part of a t-shirt fundraiser for Kaheem Davis and his high school seniors. All proceeds went towards sneakers, clothing, gift cards, snacks/beverages for the incoming college freshmen.

(2022-present) - Max's All Stars unveiled a new primary logo prior to competing in the 21st Annual Full Court Charity Challenge in March 2022. This unique design incorporates elements from our previous logos and adds the iconic Empire State Building in the center - representing the city we proudly call home. 

(2023-present) - This logo was designed by Jackie Margulis. It was inspired by the artwork for Drake's new album "For All The Dogs" which was designed by his son, Adonis. We gave Jackie the opportunity to create her own Max's All Stars logo and it became one of our most popular designs ever. We proudly wore t-shirts with this logo during our Fall 2023 ZogSports Upper East Side 5-on-5 Basketball League Championship run. Jackie also came up with a unicorn alternate version for the 23rd Full Court Charity Challenge that took place in March 2024.

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